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Top 10 HVAC Solution Companies in UK - 2021

People are getting aware of trends and transformations in technologies they have been using actively. Every year a few new changes come into the picture, and people get to know what is unique about the systems they used every day, such as phones, cars, and software products. But they stay distracted from the same rate of change within the technologies they passively utilized. Gradually, air conditioning and heat have started providing home comfort, and people might be keen to install new systems without making any alterations. The HVAC developments are revolutionary and exciting as the changes carry a considerable potential to reduce energy usage, reorganize heating and cooling costs, and make homes smarter as well as comfortable. In light of these developments, the tech-driven innovations have opened a path to more efficient HVAC designs, which will enable superior sustainability, cost-efficiency, and comfort. The HVAC solutions of the future will achieve this by becoming more environmentally-friendly, using automation and smart tech, and analyzing data for peak performance. Concerning sustainability, HVAC systems will use geothermal heat pumps, solar power, and smart thermostats, among others. At the same time, through data analytics, HVAC technicians will provide on-demand services and help building managers make proactive and intelligent business decisions.

This edition of Construction Tech Review features companies at the forefront of offering innovative HVAC solutions and services. Construction Tech Review’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the industry’s most prominent organizations that solve challenges by implementing the space’s current technological trends. Through this edition, we present to you “Top 10 HVAC Solution Providers in UK 2021.”

    Top HVAC Solution Companies in UK

  • Aermec


    Being a significant player in the European air conditioning market for over 50 years, Aermec dedicated to the development and testing of its products and the value they bring to customers. Not just at install, but the lifetime value of an Aermec installation. The company believes in the importance of continual research and development, with particular emphasis on rigorous testing of every chiller and heat pump after its assembly, before it is dispatched. As ethical manufacturers and wherever possible Aermec source locally the majority of materials, and are assembled at our Italian facilities, leading to great reductions in C02 emissions during our manufacturing processes, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and to the future of our world

  • AHS (Specialist Services) Ltd

    AHS (Specialist Services) Ltd

    Ventilation systems are an essential part of the fabric of a building and when they go wrong, an urgent solution is required. This particularly applies to restaurant kitchen extract systems, retail units and to high occupancy office buildings. AHS Specialist Services have the knowledge, the manpower, the site skills, and access to components to offer a rapid repair service throughout the UK. AHS Specialist Services are one of the UK's leading providers of AHU and HVAC installation, repair and planned maintenance solutions. AHS continually introduce new products and services, explore technology and market trends, giving industry insight and best practices

  • Barkell Ltd

    Barkell Ltd

    Barkell is a leading UK manufacturer of technologically advanced air handling units (AHUs), specifically developed for energy efficiency, reliability and operational performance. They have a proud history for developing industry leading technology and system innovations. Since its establishment in 1981, Barkell have produced a range of AHUs specifically developed to meet customer needs for uptime, energy efficiency and operational performance. Founded upon a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, its units provide precision solutions for leading organisations and critical applications worldwide. Barkell's range of roof and wall mounted AHUs, free-cooling and indirect adiabatic cooling products are installed throughout the UK in the private and public sector, HVAC controls and spares divisions provide total support and optimal performance to our customer base

  • CoolAutomation


    CoolAutomation is the industry leader of Internet of Climate (IoC) technologies and HVAC automation. The Internet of Climate (IoC) is a universal concept designed to enable any HVAC climate system to be simply and reliably integrated with automation systems. CoolAutomation's unique combination of devices and cloud-based technologies are the next evolution of IoT, and is crucial to any professional within the Home and Building Automation, HVAC, or Facilities Management industries. CoolAutomation’s suite of applications enables Monitoring, Diagnosis, Servicing, and Control within the residential, commercial, and hospitality industries

  • Eworks Manager

    Eworks Manager

    Eworks Manager has worked with housing associations, construction firms, IT companies, property maintenance, refrigeration firms, green deal companies and many other companies. It is a cloud-based management software for scheduling new jobs, and tracking recurring maintenance, for the HVAC industry. Eworks' software is built specifically for HVAC companies. It assists with the organisation of past, current and future jobs, finances and more. It enables you and your customers to log and plan jobs, monitor inventory, track vehicles, monitor employees in real-time and much more

  • GalxC Cooling Services Ltd

    GalxC Cooling Services Ltd

    GalxC is the UK’s leading specialist in industrial and process cooling solutions and associated products and services. Based in Southampton and working nationwide we provide professional industrial cooling solutions and industrial chillers to a wide range of industry types, including defence, automotive, food, beverage, chemical, data centres, metal finishing, packaging, medical, pharmaceutical, nuclear and the plastics and rubber sectors, for sales, hire and service solutions. From industrial water chillers to dry air coolers, adiabatic and cooling towers, GalxC offers the best system for your specific business needs. Our experienced engineers can design and install bespoke cooling solutions, even to the most exacting brief. With over 20 years’ cooling experience and expertise, we have supplied and serviced industry leaders throughout the UK and around the world

  • iTouchVision


    iTouchVision is one of the world's leading cloud-based service providers with innovation and excellence at its base. The company has made its presence in all business verticals with its technical & operational capabilities to enhance the working of private and public sector organisations. iTouchVision's products, ranging from Web-based software to Mobile applications have made their mark globally to transform the way work is completed. iTouchVision have been developing software solutions and suite of mobile applications to match the industry requirements and aid the business processes



    KEYTER Technologies is a Spanish holding group of industrial companies about design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of equipement based on refrigeration, HVAC, water production, renewable energies, and other related technologies. KEYTER Technologies is born as a common initiative of a specialised group of engineers and industry professionals, established in 2000 to address investment projects in the refrigeration, air conditioning and renewable energy sectors. KEYTER Technologies Operations are based in Southern Spain with strategic focus to domestic and global markets in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America

  • Nortek Air Solutions

    Nortek Air Solutions

    Nortek Air Solutions is the largest custom HVAC manufacturer in North America, with a combined total of more than 350 years of experience, five strategically located manufacturing facilities which encompass over 2 million square feet of clean space and 180 sales representative offices. Nortek's brands provide customers with product solutions for every industrial need including commercial air handlers, cleanroom systems and mission critical technology. Nortek Air Solutions offers the application expertise, technological innovation, and world-class support of the largest group of custom heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) brands in North America

  • The Unico System

    The Unico System

    The Unico System is a small-duct, high-velocity central heating and air conditioning system. Ideal for custom & new home construction, historic preservation, older home retro-fit, and commercial applications, The Unico System takes less than one-third the space of a traditional HVAC system. Quieter and less visible than other systems, The Unico System provides superior indoor comfort that is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

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