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Top 10 HVAC Service Companies in Europe - 2021

Disruptive technologies are rapidly transforming all sectors of business. From manufacturing to retail, entrepreneurs are in a hurry to incorporate the latest trends in their business area to stay abreast and stay ahead of competitors. The era of digitalization is here and is primarily driven by data. Technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things are fast becoming buzzwords across all industries, including the construction tech sector. Delving deeper into the tech-driven advancements, HVAC vendors offer IoT-enabled solutions to assist managers in monitoring and adjusting thermostats remotely using mobile applications. Additionally, with the development of newer and more cutting-edge sensors, HVAC systems can now diagnose and send a report to management about any malfunctions automatically. Current HVAC systems also leverage data analytics to track performance and build maintenance strategies that ensure zero down-time and continuous operations.

New sensors are being developed to self-diagnose and send a report to management about any malfunctions. Since HVAC systems involve plenty of moving components, it is reasonable to have some vibration and noise, even in a correctly installed and well-maintained system. In general, excessive vibration increases the ownership cost of building systems. However, excessive vibration and noise indicate that the installation should be serviced, and they can also lead to other performance issues. This edition of Construction Tech Review features companies at the forefront of offering innovative HVAC solutions and services. Construction Tech Review’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the space’s current technological trends. Through this special edition, we present to you “Top 10 HVAC Service Companies in Europe 2021.”

    Top HVAC Service Companies in Europe

  • ACS


    The ACS Group is a regional, national and international engineering company with more than 15 years of experience, 6 locations and more than 400 successfully completed projects in power plant construction, power generation, energy transmission, chemical plant construction and industrial plant engineering. The 120 permanent employees support its well-known customers and long-standing partners with planning, installation and commissioning activities especially in the fields of electrical engineering, control technology, occupational safety, welding technology and in the field of technical building equipment HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

  • Climatexgroup


    The Climatex Group was formed from a synergy of complementary expertise and experience. From engineering to work execution and maintenance, the Group is capable of providing a 360-degree solution. Operating in the industrial, building and marine sectors, they specialize in the fields of refrigeration, heating and air-conditioning, plumbing networks and maintenance. The company's strength lies in the quality of its staff. Climatex is equipped with professionals to give timely response to clients’ problems. Also, the company's highly-skilled labor force is readily available to make complex welding in demanding industries, where often deadlines are uncompromising. Committed to our customers and environmental protection, the Group puts forward technologies such as CO2 heat pumps where businesses benefit significant energy savings. Present in Europe and Asia, we mobilize our teams across borders to ensure we accompany clients till project completion

  • Crystal Air

    Crystal Air

    Crystal Air is a leading service supplier in the field of air conditioning with regard to installations, servicing and maintenance. As one of Ireland's leading air conditioning and indoor weather control specialists, the company offer a broad portfolio of products from multiple VRF systems to split systems as well as AHU and chiller technology serving FCU's and chilled beams. Crystal Air provides a professional service for the installation and maintenance of the following air conditioning products: split systems, VRV and VRF systems, air handling and ventilation units, chilled beams, inverter and non-inverter systems, grilles, VAV Units, Fan Coil Units and if required we also offer a complete 'Turnkey'​ solution

  • Delphis


    Delphis was established over 30 years ago, based on the clear philosophy and moral values of its founder Dimitris Daskalopoulos. It has grown steadily and firmly, always looking ahead for new ideas, solutions and offering value to all its customers. The company's goal, in every project, has always been to create value for our customers. Delphis relies on its cutting edge technologies, and its significant experience, to always serve its customers in the most efficient manner. Combined with its unique customer focus, the above qualities distinguish us from every other company in the field

  • HVAC Group

    HVAC Group

    All entities forming the HVAC Group use the experience and knowledge gained in the course of the company's operations, thus contributing to gaining an established position on the HVAC market by supplying, servicing and carrying out investments in this industry. The HVAC Group offers its customers the most modern solutions in the field of air conditioning, precision air conditioning, ventilation, cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification based on devices from renowned global brands, including: Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Daikin, Lennox, Emicon , Swegon, Klimor, Frapol, Aero Star, Carel, Conbest, Condair, Wolf, Brötje, Viessmann, Danfoss, Stiebel Eltron



    KLIMA-VENTA® is an initiative of young people with passion who decided to establish their own company right after graduation. The company has been operating for 9 years. Over time, our small family business has developed not only in terms of quality of services offered, but also the number of employees. At the very beginning we employed only a few people. Today, they have a team of several dozen employees, both managers as well as experienced foremen, fitters and service technicians. The name of the company itself indicates the main profile of our business

  • Spectrum Engineering

    Spectrum Engineering

    Spectrum Engineering Limited was founded in 1982, and was set up to fill a gap in the Irish market for an independent HVAC Commissioning specialist firm. They are the longest established independent commissioning company in Ireland. Spectrum has expanded with the industry and set up HVAC Installation and Maintenance divisions and have recently formed Spectrum Environmental Limited to service the cleanroom and hospital industry. Spectrum is also a partner for a new service in Ireland called AEROSEAL which is a system that can seal ducts from the inside. The company's directors have combined experience in the sector of over 80 years and are hands on overseeing all of its projects

  • Swift Vent Services

    Swift Vent Services

    Ventilation & Engineering Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of air pollution control and ventilation systems in Israel. The company was established in 1951 and has been engaged for the past 60 years in designing and manufacturing Industrial air blowers, ventilation systems, central vacuum cleaners, air pollution control and prevention systems. Extensive engineering experience accumulated over the past 60 years together with international knowledge agreements are implemented in all of our products and in the development process of innovative and sophisticated new products

  • Termika


    Termika deals with comprehensive performance of technical insulation for industry. Termika provides services in the energy and petrochemical industries. The company also makes a significant contribution to insulation in the marine industry. Along with the refrigeration industry, the maritime market is the main aspect of the company's activity in the field of polyurethane foam insulation. They also offer air conditioning and ventilation installation services. Termika conduct retail and wholesale trade of thermal insulation materials and specialized construction chemicals. The company's activity is conducted both in the country and abroad, where they can be proud of cooperation with reputable clients

  • Total Energy Solutions

    Total Energy Solutions

    Total Energy Solutions offers solutions for public authorities and private companies for new projects as well as renovations. They take care of the complete process; the design by its own study department, the installation and, if desired, the maintenance of the installations. We guarantee quality installations and efficient execution of the works. TES also helps in optimizing the energy management of existing buildings. TES formulate possible improvements and calculate the payback period

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